D’Arne Finnis


Kangaroo Group Teacher – 

My name is D’Arne Finnis or often known by the children as “D”. I feel truly privileged to work in the area of Early Childhood Education. I believe it is the time of life in a child where you as parents and us as teachers witness the most amazing growth and development. I firmly believe that the first five years of a child’s life are absolutely crucial in laying strong foundations for lifelong learning and being. The joy of watching a child spark off an idea that develops into a unit of learning and investigation from all of the children is truly spectacular, and something that I feel is unique to the flexibility that a true kindergarten program can provide.

My passions reside in the neuromotor development of every child, and I have done a great deal of ongoing research and further study in this area. I feel it is paramount that we, as educators ensure that we provide an environment which allows for children to develop their physical abilities, in turn assisting their cognitive abilities to emerge and be reinforced. It has been said that a “physically literate child will be a cognitive literate child” and I firmly believe this. I am fascinated in the developmental building blocks of all of the children I teach and delight in ascertaining where each individual child is on the continuum of Early Childhood and developing programs and activities that can assist children to fully access their innate systems and move on to become competent, confident and risk taking learners.

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