Celia Lee


Kangaroo & Teddy Bear Group Co-Educator, 
Chinese Program across all groups –

Hi I am Celia, I have lived in Brighton for over 30 years. I have 3 adult children who are brought up in this area. Through raising my 3 children, 2 girls and a boy, I have learned to believe that children are individuals with their own interests, strengths and variety of abilities. They develop and learn in their own way and at their own pace.

I am a Singapore Chinese and was educated in an Anglican school and studied Chinese as a second language. My 3 children, who are ABC, (Australian Born Chinese) studied Japanese as their 2nd language right to Year 12. A second language has opened up a new dimension into their world and introduced them into a part of our global village.

I am passionate in sharing my heritage with the Kinder community and perhaps arouse the curiosity and interest of the children to another culture. Children at kindergarten age have enormous capacity to absorb a new language. The children are encouraged to develop their Chinese language through songs and Chinese cooking – it’s a lot of fun. To sum up these 3 important words are my guide in raising my children: PRAISE, LOVE AND ACCEPT.

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