Donna Gillespie

3yo Bilibies Diploma Educator

Donna joined the team at St Peter’s in 1998 for many years as the 3yo Teacher.  Now Donna is a Diploma Educator with the 3yo Bilbies Group.

Donna encourages offering every child the opportunity to be part of the group where they feel valued, in a safe and secure environment.
She enjoys being actively involved in a play based program which is flexible to the changing needs and interests of the children. With a passion for creating play spaces that ignite a child’s imagination Donna is an active “hands on” educator who likes to share her creative side. Bringing an interest in music and a love of cooking with the children, Donna also believes that open
communication is the key to success.

Donna has 3 adult sons, and 3 beautiful grandchildren, and is actively involved in her local community

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