About Us

St Peter's Kindergarten provides structured, play-based programs for both three-year-old and four-year-old children. St Peter's Kindergarten aims to recognise and nurture the individual needs and abilities of children, and provides programs that complement the various ideas, interests and skills of individuals. After being assessed by ACECQA (Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority) St. Peter's
Kindergarten are proud to announce they were rated as 'Exceeding' the National Quality Standard Framework in all 7 areas.

  • Quality Area 1- Educational program and practice
  • Quality Area 2- Children's health and safety
  • Quality Area 3- Physical environment
  • Quality Area 4- Staffing arrangements
  • Quality Area 5- Relationships with children
  • Quality Area 6- Collaborative partnerships with families and communities
  • Quality Area 7- Leadership and service management

This framework helps parents assess the quality of education and care.

Our Difference

St Peter's Kindergarten holds a unique and special position in the Bayside Community. For over 50 years, it has provided a superior social and educational experience for three and four year old children in a caring, stimulating and challenging environment.

St Peter's Kindergarten prides itself on:

  • The dedication and experience of its staff;
  • The high quality of its programs and resources;
  • The opportunity for children to experience the continuity of two programs over successive years.
  • The delightful Kindergarten building, playground and surrounds; and
  • The dedication of the Committee of Management.

Our History

The Kindergarten is located within the grounds of St Peter's Anglican Church, Brighton Beach, at the corner of Were and Moffat Streets. The Church was founded in 1909. After the opening of a rebuilt Parish hall in 1956, the Parish defined a Kindergarten precinct, which comprised a shared kitchen and exclusive use of part of the Parish Hall and Church grounds.

The Kindergarten is run by a Committee of Management and qualified staff with support from HR and Finance Managers. The Committee, as Proprietor, is comprised of parents and Parish representatives who are responsible for Kindergarten management, policy formulation and regulatory compliance.

Aims and Objectives

We believe that if children are happy and supported by caring and sensitive teaching professionals they will learn and flourish no end.

St Peter's is committed to ensuring our kindergarten is compliant with the National Quality Standard for Early Childhood Education inclusive of the Early Year Learning Framework. This will ensure your child receives a "quality" educational program driven by continuous improvement in all seven quality areas.

The vision is for all children to experience play-based learning that is engaging and builds success for life. When children play they are showing what they have learned and what they are trying to understand. Our teachers will guide your child's play experiences by carefully designing learning experiences and activities exploring the foundations of the Early Years Learning Framework.

Much of a child's learning is intangible. Learning in relation to their feelings and ideas cannot be assessed or measured. Therefore, our emphasis is not on a child reaching a specific level at a given stage, rather assisting each child to have a sense of belonging, becoming and being which underpin the Early Years Learning Framework.

  • Children should feel that they belong because of a relationship they have with their family, community, culture and place.
  • Children need to just be, have time to play, try new things and have fun.
  • Children start to form a sense of identity from an early age, which shapes the type of adult they will become.

Our Philosophy

We aim:

  • to provide a safe, warm and secure environment.
  • to promote connections and friendships between children, their families, staff and their communities.
  • to encourage children to grow and develop by providing them with a stimulating environment to scaffold and extend their learning experiences both indoor and outdoor.
  • to encourage sharing of ideas, thoughts and concerns in an open ended play based program.
  • to provide a fun and welcoming atmosphere to stimulate and initiate the love for learning.
  • to respect themselves and other people and their environment.
  • to prepare children for a smooth and positive transition to their next year of learning or school.
  • to respect parents as first teachers of their children and welcome their input and sharing of ideas, thoughts and concerns.
  • to encourage families to be involved in the program to enhance the resource and richness this can bring to our community kindergarten.
  • to teach children resilience, independence and above all positive self awareness.
  • to teach life skills such as making choices, sharing, taking turns listening to others and negotiating outcomes.
  • to have a universal view of our community and the world around us.

Please download a copy of our philosophy.

Our Policies

Anaphylaxis & Allergic Reactions

St Peter’s Kindergarten believes that the safety and wellbeing of children who have allergic reactions and/or are at risk of anaphylaxis is a whole-of-community responsibility, and is committed to:

  • Ensuring that every reasonable precaution is taken to protect children from harm and from any hazard likely to cause injury
  • Providing a safe and healthy environment in which children at risk of anaphylaxis can participate fully in all aspects of the program
  •  Raising awareness amongst families, staff, children and others attending the service about allergies and anaphylaxis
  • Actively involving the parents/guardians of each child at risk of anaphylaxis in assessing risks, and in developing appropriate risk minimisation and risk management strategies for their child
  • Ensuring all staff members and other adults at the service have adequate knowledge of allergies, anaphylaxis and emergency procedures
  • Facilitating communication to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children at risk of anaphylaxis.

Please read and download our policy here SPK - QA2 - Anaphylaxis and Allergic Reactions  if you have any further questions, please connect with SPK team via our contact details.