St Peter's Kindergarten Volunteer Committee

The Kindergarten is a place where families are valued and parental involvement is encouraged. The Kindergarten is run by a volunteer committee, which consists of parents and Church representatives. There are many varied roles on the committee, with parents and staff working together to ensure the smooth running of the Kindergarten for the children and families who attend.

Committee Positions include:

  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Enrolment Officer
  • Fees Officer
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Maintenance Officer
  • A church representative
  • Social Secretary
  • IT / Webpage Coordinator
  • Class Representatives (1-2 each group)

By taking on a committee role during your time at St Peter’s Kindergarten, you can become part of the decision-making process that determines how the Kindergarten operates. The Committee is also a very rewarding way of sharing the Kindergarten experience with your child during their time with us.

If you are unable to commit to being on the committee for any length of time, you are still welcome to come along to monthly meetings and be involved in discussions on various topics that arise.

Meetings are generally held at 7:30pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Kindergarten.

Working Bees

Twice a year, in conjunction with our maintenance officer and permission of the Church, we have working bees.
We ask that a minimum of 5 parents per group volunteer their time, which is usually for 1-2 hours on a Saturday morning. Tasks such as refilling sand and tanbark, staining woodwork and cleaning outdoor equipment are undertaken.

Parent Duty

At St Peter's Kindergarten we need and appreciate your help in various ways, and one of the most important is being 'on duty'. It is a very special day for your child when you are there. Parents are asked to help out by doing duty 1-2 times a Term. During this time you may be involved in the children's activities, spend some special time with your Kinder child, prepare morning tea etc. A roster is drawn up before each term commences so that parents can choose convenient days.

Siblings are welcome when you are on duty. Children love watching babies being fed or changed.

All parents and/or carers need to provide a copy of a current Working With Children's card and their Covid-19 vaccination certificate before you volunteer at kinder.